• Why choose BDO?

Why choose BDO?

We offer a range of opportunities for students midway in their studies to become better acquainted with us. We have dedicated college teams that work closely with the institutions from which we recruit the majority of our new graduates.

Case Day - obtain insight into the working day of an auditor

At BDO we arrange a ‟Case Day”, during which students can obtain an insight into the working day of an auditor, as well as obtain the opportunity of getting to know the firm better. We’ve had students from all over the country in attendance and we like to cooperate across different institutions. This provides good networking opportunities, and a unique chance to get a taster of the kind of assignments tasks you can expect to have as an auditor!

"NM i Økonomi" in collaboration with Econa

In 2014 BDO also entered into a collaboration with Econa and assisted them on their “NM i Økonomi”, or national championship in Economics.  This is a team-based competition, held at different educational institutions throughout Norway, in which those who have studied finance and economics for at least two years can take part.

Many opportunities

If you have recently graduated, and wish to work for a challenging employer, you can become better acquainted with our recruitment process, and learn what your initial period as a BDO employee will be like and which opportunities you can look forward to in the firm.