• Our values

Our values


Our corporate culture calls for us to be close to each other: across geographical locations, professional fields and roles we will motivate and enrich one another. We will develop all the time as work closely with customers and apply our expertise. Our customers will find that we are always close at hand. They will find that we respond swiftly and take the initiative. Solid and lasting customer relations will be one of our most prominent features.


Openness will promote improvement. We will think innovatively and come up with the best solutions. By sharing our knowledge, taking the initiative and finding new answers we’ll ensure continuous improvement. Our customers will find that we are open and receptive. We will focus on their needs and on devising solutions. Good relations are forged through the open dialogue between dedicated employees and satisfied customers.


As auditors and advisors, we shall possess the greatest integrity, even beyond that which our profession requires. That means we must be prepared to challenge when needed. We will ask the appropriate and the important questions in our quest to add and ensure value for our customers. We do not stand still, but seek development constantly. This means we have to have the courage to challenge our customers, our markets, and ourselves.