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13 August 2021

From January 2022 a new VAT return will be implemented, replacing the current VAT return which consist of 19 boxes. The new return will consist of the 30 SAF-T codes, of which 25 will be mandatory in the digital VAT return. The Norwegian SAF-T codes are not part of a common European specification...

04 August 2021

Investors are increasingly looking for ways to give their money purpose beyond mere profit. This comes in the wake of a renewed global shift towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations across all sectors. Richard Walker, Head of Risk Advisory Services and Carla Clamp...


Article: Five Trends Defining Post-COVID Real Estate Investment

04 August 2021

The appetite for real estate investment remains strong. Several significant trends contribute to investment priorities and strategies for, amongst others, private equity firms.

22 June 2021

As auditors, we have an important social responsibility. Auditors are society’s trustees, and to fulfill this role, we rely on trust. Society needs to know that we have the qualities necessary to meet this responsibility in the form of integrity, objectivity, attitude and expertise.

25 January 2021

On 7 October 2020, the Norwegian Government presented the state budget for 2021. As expected, a proposal to introduce withholding tax on interest and royalties was presented.

03 August 2020

The retail sector has been very seriously affected by lockdown measures and new restrictions for the “new normal” in Europe. Many businesses have struggled to meet rental payments on their commercial leases. European legislators have put in place special regulations for commercial premises, take...

07 April 2020

The Norwegian Government has implemented several measures to help our businesses through this corona-period and to prevent businesses having to file for bankruptcy. 

07 January 2020

Under current Norwegian law, importation of goods from abroad is in general free of duties and VAT, provided the value of the goods is less than NOK 350 including freight and insurance costs. This exemption is however not applicable for tobacco and alcohol.

08 May 2019

As our lives become more digital and our homes are filled with SMART devices connected to the Internet, we introduce technology dependence and new vulnerabilities. The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm opens an eldorado for cyber criminals as consumers do not know how to protect their devices...

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