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Despite the fear and increasing awareness of the consequences linked to cyber incidents, cybersecurity tends to have low priority in many companies. There are several possible explanations. Many companies argue that cybersecurity services 1) tend to be too expensive and 2) are too complex and therefore hard to understand. 

That’s why we have developed BDO Protect - a customized solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

With BDO Protect:

  • BDOs security analysts continuously monitor your company’s endpoints to detect malicious activity
  • Your company will be protected either with or without an internet connection
  • BDO security analysts are ready to assist the company with incident response when your company experiences a cyber-attack.

BDO Protect is a flexible, maintenance-free and cost-effective solution. This makes it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Increased focus on small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises are highly exposed to cyberattacks because they do not have dedicated information security resources in-house. Subcontractors to large companies are especially exposed. Hackers tend to utilize weaknesses identified within the subcontractors’ IT-infrastructure to gain access to larger companies, and thus higher values.

Insurance Against Cybercrime

By combining IF as your cybercrime insurance provider with BDO Protect, If’s cybercrime insurance will cover:

  • All deductibles related to a cyber-attack
  • 24/7 incident handling by BDO’s cybersecurity experts
  • costs related to the reconstruction of your company’s data and systems
  • The economic loss incurred by your company, as well as your business partners.

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