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BDO Protect

Protect your business against malware and ransomware

Every year thousands of Norwegian enterprises are exposed to cyberattacks. The consequences of a successful attack can be many, but most often it is a significant financial loss, downtime or information theft that includes the company's customers, employees or technology. 

BDO Protect is a flexible, maintenance-free and cost-effective solution. Through continuous monitoring of computers, we can detect and neutralize malicious activity, including advanced threats such as ransomware. 

  • 53% of small and medium-sized companies have experienced a data breach. 
  • 41% of the breaches led to 8 hours of downtime or longer.

How much does a week of downtime cost for your business?

Source: Cisco Cybersecurity Report: "Small and Mighty"

BDO Protect:

  •      Protects your business by preventing cyberattacks and detecting malicious activity
  •      Offers 24/7 security monitoring
  •      Contributes to effective incident handling 

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Data crime insurance

By combining BDO Protect with If's computer crime insurance, the insurance will cover:

  • All deductibles related to a cyber-attack
  • 24/7 incident handling
  • costs related to the reconstruction
  • The financial loss, including third party loss

Please Contact IF for more information about the data crime insurance here.