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  • Phishing Awareness

Phishing Awareness

Through exercises and awareness training, your employees learn to pick up on typical warning signs and detect suspicious e-mails. Such awareness reduces the risk of being exposed to espionage, information theft, ID-theft, CEO-fraud, ransomware and other cyber-related incidents that would harm your business and its executives and employees.

Through our awareness campaigns you will learn:

  • how to detect fake e-mails
  • what consequences a compromise of your password may have
  • how exposed the business is to digital threats via e-mail


E-learning combined with phishing exercises

A phishing campaign delivered by BDO Cybersecurity will typically focus on threats originating from e-mails, where employees’ willingness to click on false links is tested. The campaign is subsequently followed by specific training and exercises to address any relevant findings.

With an introductory course as a foundation, employees will get the tools they need to handle the upcoming phishing campaign. In this way, one can increase the value of the phishing campaign, where employees get to experience practical learning, thus increasing awareness.

Following the campaign, BDO will present a report to the client, which can be used in planning and implementation of further security measures to raise awareness and the actual level of security within the organization.

About 90% of all cyber-attacks occur via e-mail

Using e-mail as an attack vector, threat actors can get in direct contact with your managers and employees. This method is called social manipulation and is used by a wide range of threat actors, including state actors, criminal organizations, and individuals or small groups (i.e. hackers). Their intention is to get businesses to disclose information or perform unwanted actions that could harm your business. The outcome can be unauthorized access to information and company networks, thus allowing the threat actors to steel information, disrupt business networks or manipulate the information being processed.

We can provide customized phishing awareness courses for your company’s management or employees. Contact us to learn more about how your business can reduce the risk of e-mail attacks.