• Vendor assistance services


Vendor assistance services

Change of ownership generates a range of consequences that the vendor may well have neglected to take into account. A well-prepared transaction process can lead to a higher price, a more favourable sales agreement and less disruption to the day-to-day management of the business. If a transaction process is poorly prepared, it is a risk that the purchase price may be reduced during the negotiation phase or – worst case – that the entire transaction process is terminated.

Prior to a transaction process, BDO provides assistance with carve out or de-merger of business areas, preparation of pro forma accounts and evaluations of issues related to tax and VAT in connection with the sale of whole or parts of a business.

In addition we typically assist with:

  • Project management and negotiation assistance
  • Structuring of the transaction
  • Due diligence readiness
  • Data room assistance
  • Preparation of data pack and Seller’s Information Document
  • Vendor due diligence