• eDiscovery and Analysis

eDiscovery and Analysis

Investigations and legal proceedings often call for extensive information and documentation review. It can be challenging to effectively evaluate information from various sources, whilst maintaining strict safeguards with respect to data protection and information security.

BDO uses the internationally recognised eDiscovery platform, Relativity, in investigations, disputes and where we are appointed as expert witness.

Analysis and visualisation

Analysis and visualisation facilitate the effective presentation of large amounts of information. This can involve the following:

  • Analyses of telephone traffic, emails, credit card transactions and IP-addresses
  • Relationship mapping, for example between entities, individuals, bank accounts, etc.
  • Red flag analyses of financial accounts
  • Analyses related to procurement

 We are among Norway’s leading specialists in the field, and utilise renowned analysis and visualisation tools, including IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook and Tableau.