Decision and Investment Support

BDO can Assist in Decision-Making and Investment

In the longer term, investments are a prerequisite for creating value through the establishment or development of production capacity. There can be significant risk associated with investments in the form of changed framework conditions and market conditions. Good insight is therefore crucial to being able to make the right decisions. Through close cooperation, we take a closer look at your needs.

Together, we create the basis for good decisions and profitable investments by combining your own expertise with our experience and strategic approach. It is an added advantage that we know the seafood industry well.

Good basis for correct future choices

We assist companies in growth and change processes by analyzing and obtaining good fact-based data and knowledge. This is to ensure a good decision-making basis for your business in particular, before measures are taken.

We assist our customers both in advance of a possible change or throughout the entire change process. We provide our industry expertise and business understanding to give our customers a sense of security throughout the project.

Examples of deliveries for decision-making and investment support that we carry out:
  • Feasibility Studies; for example for new technology, location of new factories or new markets.
  • Production plans and biological potential as a basis for investments in aquaculture.
  • Budgeting, profitability assessment, liquidity and investment analysis.
  • Market and customer research for establishment or acquisition in new markets, also internationally.
  • Financial Due Diligence.
There are many businesses that have gone through major change processes and restructuring where not everything has gone smoothly. Change processes are demanding, and good guidance and project management are required through such processes. In such cases, we work closely with our experts in organizational and leadership development to ensure willingness to change in the organisation.


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