Investigation and Analysis

BDO can Assist with Investigation and Analysis

BDO assists both the public sector and private business in dealing with social change processes, development and change. Investigations are often carried out for the public sector and with public support for a consortium.

Industry knowledge provides insight and a basis for decision-making

Decisions made at the start and implementation of change processes can have major consequences. We therefore want to assist with a good basis for making the right decisions, and use several tools and methods to ensure this. In our investigations, we often find that carrying out several activities for information gathering often benefits the project as a whole. We use surveys, interviews and dialogue meetings to gather the necessary background information, but also to communicate and spread information about the socially relevant topics.
If we do not possess specialist expertise that we consider necessary for a good investigation, we connect to that specialist expertise through a larger consortium or partnership.

Examples of completed projects:
  • Value creation and ripple effects of the fresh fish scheme:
On behalf of various seafood companies, municipalities and regional councils, BDO has calculated value creation and ripple effects as a result of the fresh fish scheme. See the report here.
  • Assisted with the preparation of a strategy for marine value creation:
BDO was engaged on the basis of our knowledge of the industry and its players with the aim of achieving the greatest possible value creation and the greatest possible number of attractive workplaces in Nordland county.
  • Infection prevention and biosecurity in Norwegian salmon production:
Through an FHF-funded project, BDO collaborated with Åkerblå to prepare a contribution to improved biosecurity practices in the Norwegian salmon industry through concrete recommendations and measures. You can read more about the project here.

Together with our research and analysis team, we can help you with the projects you are about to embark on.


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