Optimal Operation and Profitability

BDO can Assist with Optimal Operation and Profitability

The growth in the seafood industry has been formidable since the beginning of the 1990s. Within both fisheries, aquaculture and the supply industry there has been an experienced large growth in turnover and exports in the last decade. In 2021, seafood exports have accelerated and at the end of September, Norwegian seafood exports so far in 2021 were 82 billion. For comparison, at the same time in the record year 2019, seafood worth 74 billion was exported (figures from Menon no. 105/2021).

Realize potential for profitable operation

For many companies, this growth has come quickly, and many struggle in many cases to make the organization function optimally. Questions that then arise for many are:
  • How to ensure control of costs and cost drivers?
  • What product margins do we operate with in the various markets?
  • How can we increase efficiency and at the same time ensure the right quality?
  • What is favorable organization for our business?
With the formidable growth in recent decades, many businesses have also taken on new and larger tasks, without a good enough basis to ensure optimal profitability. Furthermore, many companies have carried out acquisitions in order to grow. Both expansion, acquisitions and mergers are risky strategies that require good management and control to minimize risk. We believe that good strategic choices are the basis for good operations and profitability.

Take control of profitability

  • Skills development for profitable growth
  • Good risk management
  • Good purchasing routines
Proactivity and assessment of future opportunities require a good knowledge of the industry. Development of technology, products and processes is important in terms of future profitability. Those who succeed in staying ahead will strengthen their own competitiveness.

Our advisers have good knowledge of the industry, trends, challenges and opportunities. We assist our customers in developing and implementing strategies through improvements in their own organisation, technology development and through strategic acquisitions. To strengthen profitability, you must find the business's unique characteristics and cultivate these. It's about finding out how your business can differentiate itself from the competition.


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