Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development in the Seafood Industry

The seafood industry is very exposed to climate risk. Both global warming, new unwanted species and littering of the sea are among the climate and environmental threats that loom on the horizon, and which will have a major impact on an industry that feeds on the sea.

For an industry that is so dependent on the earth's resources and functioning ecosystem, we believe it is our responsibility to create good conditions for sustainable operations. When we also know that optimal operation results in less waste and better figures on the bottom line, it benefits both the business, the people and the environment.

Get started with the sustainability work

Two out of three Norwegian top managers believe that sustainability and environmentally friendly operations are a prerequisite for operating profitably in 2030. Strategic work with sustainability creates new business opportunities and value for the customer, while at the same time helping businesses to highlight and accommodate potential risk factors. Nevertheless, many feel that the threshold mile is long, and the concept of sustainability is perceived as vague and not concrete.

Together with the client, we will concretize and operationalize sustainability. Sustainability should not only be on the agenda, but practiced in the core business.

An important part of the work is to implement concrete measures and measure their effect. This way you can make better choices next time. To be successful in your own business, sustainability must become a natural part of the way the business is run. We can assist with this through an overall process or with individual elements:
  • Awareness raising and involvement
  • Stakeholder mapping and materiality analysis
  • Implementation, drawing up goals and action plans, evaluating and improving
  • Assistance for sustainability reporting


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