Blog: New VAT return and SAF-T

From January 2022 a new VAT return will be implemented, replacing the current VAT return which consist of 19 boxes. 

The new return will consist of the 30 SAF-T codes, of which 25 will be mandatory in the digital VAT return. The Norwegian SAF-T codes are not part of a common European specification of VAT codes hence they are likely to differ to VAT codes used in VAT returns of other EU/EEA-countries.

In addition, the new return will contain separate fields for areas such as bad debt, adjustment of input VAT related to capital goods, reversal of input VAT related to passenger vehicles, sale of property before completion and VAT on withdrawals.  

If the taxable person chose to report the new VAT return directly from the ERP system technical updates and enhancement probably needs to be implemented. Many ERP system Suppliers develope Solutions’ for direct reporting. A condition for direct digital filing is updated mapping tables between VAT codes from the ERP system and the SAF-T codes. Direct reporting from the ERP system is possible via API to an integrated ID-Porten (web portal) and Altinn-solution. 

It will still be possible to report VAT returns manually via a web portal. The VAT reporting will be based on the standard SAF-T codes regardless of whether the VAT returns are submitted directly from the ERP system or through the web portal. Validation of the VAT returns will also be the same. The Norwegian Tax Authorities have indicated that direct submission of the VAT returns via ERP system will most likely be mandatory in the future. 


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