Raising Capital

Raising Capital

Many businesses have more opportunities than they realise of funding new investments and acquisitions through loans and other debt instruments, or of improving the terms and conditions governing their existing loans and credit limits.

Banks are often willing to re-negotiate terms and conditions, as long as the risk involved in doing so is justifiable. The best way to gain the trust of your bank, or of another lender, is to present your company’s financial position and its expected development in a convincing manner.

We can help you document and explain your company’s debt capacity and ability to service its debt. This will increase the bank’s confidence, or alternative lender, in your business so that they will be more likely to offer you funding.

In this process, we can assist you with:

  • Assessment of alternative sources of funding
  • Presenting your business, organisation and financial position
  • Independent business review / due diligence
  • Financial model for projection of P&L, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Highlight the company’s capital requirements, debt servicing capacity and compliance with loan covenants