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New Markets Outside Norway

When you wish to expand your company, it can often be natural to turn your attention to new markets – also markets outside of Norway. An international expansion requires a strategy where you make risk assessments and get an overview of new markets, whilst having the ability to quickly adapt to new environments.

When considering going international, there are several questions to consider. How will you finance the expansion? Do you have enough knowledge and the expertise about laws, rules, and the culture in the new market? Have you decided on a strategy? Do you have an overview of customs and export laws? Do you need employees in the new market, and what labor laws apply there? What about taxes?

When expanding internationally the need to adapt your product or service may arise. The changes can be related to language, design, insurance, patents, business partners or systems.

BDO has extensive experience in helping customer with their expansion abroad. BDO is present in 162 countries around the world, and when necessary we collaborate with the network on both international and national customers. Through our international network you can be confident that BDO always has up-to-date knowledge of the market you are entering.

In summary, it takes a lot of work to expand outside Norway - and for most businesses, this means that you have to consult with more people.

Do you wish to establish your business in Norway?

Norway is an interesting market with a high level of education and a culture for innovation. It is relatively easy to establish a company in Norway, and much of the process can be done online. However, there are a lot of local laws to abide by. Norway also has some unique laws compared to the EU and countries outside of the EU.

BDO can help you with:

  • Planning the establishment of the company
  • Applying for Norwegian ID number
  • Choice of organizational structure
  • Registration of the company
  • Advisory services within accounting, payroll and HR
  • Import/export
  • Accounting systems
  • Tax

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