Special terms and conditions for hiring of manpower

24.1 Quality assurance

Management for hire Engagements are assistance in which BDO is not responsible for systematic quality assurance of the hired person's work and therefore cannot be professionally liable for the person's work beyond our ordinary employer liability.


24.2 Authorisations

The hired person cannot possess sole authority on behalf of the Client.


24.3 Department and course activities

To the extent it does not hinder the performance of tasks for the Client, BDO’s staff member(s) will have the flexibility to participate in limited department or course activities at BDO. BDO’s staff member(s) will notify the Company well in advance of such activities.


24.4. Extension of the engagement

If, during the Engagement, it turns out that an extension is required, BDO will endeavour to make the necessary resources available. Expansion of assistance must be specifically agreed.