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BDO can Assist Service Industries

Norway has changed from being dependent on commodities, industry and goods manufacture to being a knowledge society. Oil activities in Norway have fuelled major demand for expertise. Universities, colleges and research bodies provide fertile ground for innovation and invention. Norway’s knowledge-based industries have become leading international service providers in a number of areas.

The tourism, hotel and restaurant industries are some of Norway’s most important service providers. The travel industry has experienced major growth in recent years, but operates in a challenging environment. Demand is to a large extent dependent on macro-economic conditions and international economic and political developments. Major seasonal variations create demands in terms of flexibility, scalability, capacity utilisation and effective pricing for the hotel and restaurant industry.

Many buildings are currently under construction in Norway, and professionals such as engineers and architects are in great demand. These professionals sell their time and expertise. BDO is itself a knowledge business, and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the service industries. Our experts can help service providers in areas such as efficiency, improving productivity, organisational flexibility and control systems. Our auditors, consultants and lawyers have specialist expertise in the specific professional disciplines relevant to the industry.


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