BDO contributes to safe and good choices in sports

BDO Supports Sport

Sport is a fundamental particle of Norwegian social life and the welfare society. Through our investment in sport and cooperation, both nationally and locally, BDO’s ambition is to strengthen and professionalise Norwegian and international sports. 

BDO helps to increase value creation and streamline and improve processes and is a partner for development and modernisation.

We act as a sounding board for management and directors of sports clubs, governing bodies, regional sports associations and the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) and have more than 200 clients in elite and grass-roots sport and over 20 clients among governing bodies and regional sports associations.

Our expertise and experience make us an independent quality-assurer that helps Norwegian sports to make good and effective choices.

Thanks to specialist expertise, the international BDO network and extensive experience (which includes various Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships), BDO also possesses unique competence in arranging national and international sporting events. Efficiently managing such major events is a demanding task. Our team of leading experts will help you to create the best events experiences for employees, representatives and volunteers alike.

Services we provide

  • Manager, team an organisational development
  • Sustainability strategy and environmental certification
  • Operational readiness and collaboration training
  • Privacy and rights assurance
  • Business development
  • Financial management of sports clubs

What Our Customers Say

BDO and Arve Garberg has been inside a lot of sports clubs, knows all the problems that have been faced and what you can get up to. It feels very afe to have Arve and his team at your back



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