The aquaculture industry is growing rapidly and there are stronger demands for efficient and innovative working methods so that companies can keep up with the development. Digitization strengthens the actors' ability to implement, and enables the industry to meet the authorities' requirements and expectations for growth in the industry.

Digital solutions to strengthen development and growth

We see that the industry is ripe for digital solutions, and digital tools can strengthen both efficiency and interaction. With tools, we think of everything from data capture, analyzes for better decision-making for acquisitions, purchases, projects and invoicing, and automation of manual processes.

BDO has insight into what is happening in the industry at the same time as we have the digital expertise. We want to be a good sparring partner on the way to a digital future, both for those of you who choose to outsource all the administrative work and for those of you who want to have this in your own organisation.

Together with our employees at BDO Digital, we can offer a combination of tailoring and off-the-shelf products to give you the best solutions.

Business Analytics:
  • Data warehouse
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Product for business management
  • Robotics
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Robot assistant = an "employee" who can work 24/7


Marianne Rygvold Karlsen, BDO

Marianne Rygvold Karlsen

Equity Partner Business Services
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