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To save time and money, many businesses choose to outsource budgeting, accounting and reporting to suitably qualified specialists. Many businesses also wish to have an adviser who knows the accounting world inside out.

We can help you with all your budgeting, accounting and reporting needs. Choosing BDO means choosing a partner you can trust. You will also have access to some of Norway’s brightest accounting talents.

Our multi-disciplinary approach can help you with everything from preparing budgets and accounts to providing advice on improving budgeting processes and liquidity management. We can assume responsibility for the entire accounting process, or deliver accounting systems that will free you to concentrate on your core business. You can also hire our accounting consultants.

Our advisers have experience from a number of different industries – from banking, finance and property to the retail industry, transport, shipping, public sector and entrepreneurship. We know your industry and the challenges you face.


Andreas Ystgaard Tjemsland, BDO

Andreas Ystgaard Tjemsland

Equity Partner Business Services
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Kristina Hammer Hatteland, BDO

Kristina Hammer Hatteland

Non Equity Partner Business Services
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