Efficiency Improvements in Accounting and Reporting Processes

Efficiency Improvements in Accounting and Reporting Processes

Improving the efficiency of your company’s internal accounting routines will reduce the time you spend producing your accounts. It will also improve the quality of your accounting records.

Many businesses spend considerable manual resources on retrieving and compiling accounting data, as well as providing information for decision-making to boards of directors and management. We have developed our own tool, BDO Reporter, to simplify this process.

BDO Reporter automatically retrieves the required accounting data and other information from various sources, and collates this for decision-makers. This provides a good basis for accelerated and informed decision-making.

As well as using this tool, we can assist with improving the efficiency of other accounting and reporting routines in your business. By reviewing your internal routines we ensure effective control of values and document flows. We also have our own scanning centre for effective handling of incoming invoices.


Andreas Ystgaard Tjemsland, BDO

Andreas Ystgaard Tjemsland

Equity Partner Business Services
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