Evaluation and Analysis

Evaluation and Analysis

BDO assists organisations in the public sector, charities and private companies to manage processes connected to social change, development projects and reforms. Decisions that are taken during the start-up and execution phases of processes to implement change can have significant consequences for the organisation itself, society at large, clients and employees. We help to create an environment that facilitates optimal problem solving in all phases of a project, from decision-making, through to execution, conclusion and realisation.

At BDO we want to make a difference. Through our work, we demonstrate thought leadership and we are not afraid to challenge established norms. Our investigations and analyses create a safe environment for our clients to make the right decisions, and enable change to happen.

We are particularly keen to provide advice that is based on facts and thorough analyses. This approach ensures that our advice is practically feasible and creates value for our clients. Our premise is that there are no standard solutions for unique challenges, and we believe that access to knowledge and experience are the key to developing solutions that really work.

Examples of investigations and analyses we have performed:

  • Process improvements and change management
  • Evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness in change programs, development projects and reforms
  • The merger of municipalities
  • Operational audit of effectiveness, efficiency, quality and compliance in public administration and public services
  • Local and regional industry and societal analyses; project evaluations
  • Evaluation and development of ownership strategy and corporate structure of entities owned by public sector
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness in administration of public grants and subsidy schemes
  • Review cleaning agencies, temporary employment agencies, health care providers, and construction companies for adherence to the provisions of the Working Environment Act
  • Evaluation of appropriate measures which supports that public procurements and grants are compliant with the state aid rules in the EEA Agreement
  • Impact analyses of changes to legislation, regulations and other public requirements