A complete cybersecurity solution


BDO Cybersecurity is one of the country’s leading providers of IT security services. Our team consists of more than 40 security experts with extensive technical, operational and strategic experience from institutions such as the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), NorCERT, the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Intelligence Service. Our aim is to secure our clients’ assets, reputation and operational capability, in the face of an increasingly complex digital threat landscape.

Our security experts are experienced in detecting and responding to security incidents for a wide range of clients and partners – from small companies to large international corporations. We offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity, where we see the connections between human, technological and organizational factors that affect our clients’ security. Our services allow for flexibility, scalability, innovation and integration with other management systems. With advanced technology and a unique multidisciplinary technical environment, we can help you manage the cyber risks facing your business.     

We help you secure your business through the following services: 

Approved by the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) and a permanent seat in the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)

BDO Cybersecurity’s expertise and the quality of our services were officially recognized in 2017, when we, as the first private company, were approved in accordance with the requirements of the Norwegian National Security Authority’s (NSM) quality control system for incident handling.

In November 2019, we also got a permanent seat in the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) in Oslo, where our security experts cooperate with Norwegian authorities and a number of public and private actors in the field of cyber threat identification and incident handling.

Company level certifications and awards

  • 2016 – Approved by Carnegie Mellon University for the use of the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) trademark
  • 2016 – winner of the OSPA award in the category for Best Security Advisor in Norway
  • 2018 – CREST-accredited for pentration testing
  • 2019 – finalist for the OSPA award in the category for Best Security Advisor in Norway

In addition, our security experts have several personal certifications.