IT Cost Optimisation

IT Cost Optimisation

By optimising IT costs, your enterprise will be strengthened to face increasingly tough competition as you encounter new needs and expectations from customers, technological developments and changes in framework conditions.

BDO can help you with keeping IT costs under control. Together, we can tailor-make a solution to ensure that your enterprise can achieve the greatest possible value creation, either in the form of pure savings and cost cutting, or through improved utilisation of existing resources.

We help you with:

  • IT procurements and supplier management, contract negotiations, pricing models and supplier consolidation
  • IT financial management, resource and activity management, benchmarking, analyses and optimisation of operating costs
  • IT budget, Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Rationalisation of the system portfolio
  • IT Shared Services, SLA agreements and device-based chargebacks
  • IT Asset Management, improvement of asset and contract information
  • End-user devices, determining how mobile, BYOD and Cloud/thin-client alternatives fit into the organisation

Our advisers have a range of experience and expertise within IT cost optimisation from large and small IT organisations in various enterprises, in both the public and private sectors.