Process Auditing

Process Auditing

Regardless of whether an enterprise is engaged in sales, purchasing, production, payroll, or reporting, it is necessary to have a good overview of the various business processes involved.

Our advisers have extensive experience with surveying the interaction between various activities in business processes and evaluating how an enterprise’s IT systems support them. The objective of such a survey is to assess whether the necessary internal controls are in place, as well as whether the process and controls are appropriately automated in the IT systems to ensure efficiency.

We help you by:

  • Surveying risks
  • Assessing part-processes and activities
  • Identifying established controls
  • Visualising the process in a process map (overview) showing identified risks and controls
  • Assessing risks against identified controls
  • Assessing the degree of automated controls in the systems versus manual controls
  • Preparing gap analyses to show non-managed risks and manual controls that can be replaced by automated controls
  • Preparing suggested improvement measures