Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Good emergency preparedness enables an enterprise to handle various types of extraordinary incidents and crises – everything from power cuts and accidents to natural disasters, sabotage and serious cyber attacks.

What is the worst thing that could happen to you, your enterprise and your customers?

What can you do in advance to be fully prepared when your enterprise is threatened?

We always assemble a team based on the individual enterprise’s needs. Our goal is to enable our customers to be self-sufficient and thereby be as prepared as possible to handle any crises that may occur. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be helpful or necessary to receive support, and on those situations we can assist as advisers and contributors – even during actual crisis management.

Typical assignments include:

  • Emergency preparedness consultancy, analyses and evaluations
  • Assessing and refining contingency plans
  • Planning, implementing and following up emergency exercises
  • Emergency preparedness training of managers
  • Evaluations following exercises and incidents

 Many of our advisers have operational experience, while others have broad experience from working on analysis, reporting and development within civil protection and emergency preparedness.