Management System

Management System

A management system for security ensures that work on security takes place systematically and is well documented. The main elements of a management system consist of planning, execution, evaluation and correction of security within the enterprise.

The objective of a management system for security is to achieve a balanced and effective level of security that is correct for the enterprise and that is subject to continuous improvement. A well-functioning management system for security should act both proactively (through baseline security and emergency preparedness) and reactively (by incident and crisis management).

A management system for security should be integrated into the enterprise’s general management.

BDO offers such services as the following:

  • Development and implementation of management systems for security, adapted to the enterprise’s needs and integrated into the general management of the enterprise.
  • Security risk analyses in accordance with recognised standards and methodologies.
  • Preparing security objectives and security strategies along with plans for managing risk and external requirements.
  • Preparing internal communication plans and course materials to increase expertise in security.
  • Security audits of customers’ enterprise and suppliers.
  • Professional security- and audit-related assistance to governmental supervisory authorities.