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Private Equity in Norwegian Business

Private Equity (PE) is playing an increasingly important role in the financing of Norwegian business. In 2019 Norwegian and foreign PE players invested almost 33 billion NOK in Norway – the highest figure to date. 

Solid infrastructure, predictable government, economic stability and a high degree of technological development and innovation are all factors that make Norway and the Nordic region attractive to Private Equity sponsors. At the same time, it is apparent that PE players need help with orienting themselves and navigating the market. Acquisition candidates, on the other hand, are in need of assistance with regards to assessing whether PE is a sensible option and how to find sponsors that are a good fit. 

For PE players it is about identifying investment objects with potential and ambition for growth and development. On the other side of the equation, companies are looking for buyers or partners with the economic and professional abilities necessary to take the business further. 

With more than 70 offices across Norway, BDO serves as advisor and auditor for more than 40 000 businesses nationwide. At the same time, we have solid knowledge of, and a broad network within, both Norwegian and international Private Equity. We build on this to connect investors and businesses, thereby creating value for both parties. 


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