Public Sector Enterprises and Companies

BDO can Assist Public Sector Enterprises and Companies

Enterprises and companies that are wholly or partially owned by the public sector can experience the same challenges as the public sector in general if the selected enterprise or corporate model is not supported by sound corporate management principles.

BDO has experience of both the public and private sector. Our auditors and advisers can help with strategic and organisational development, management principles, enterprise and corporate models, systems, procedures, and financial challenges. We can perform reviews and analyses specifically tailored to your needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business strategy, ownership strategy and corporate governance
  • Evaluation of Boards of Directors and management
  • Change of corporate or partnership structure
  • Management and control of the enterprise
  • Analysis of capital requirements and ability to self-finance
  • Valuations and profitability reviews
  • Norwegian Public Procurement Act and the exemption for in-house procurement
  • Regulations relating to state subsidies
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Transaction support for sell-offs, spin-offs and mergers
  • Taxes
  • Internal audits
  • Financial management and controller assignments
  • Audits of EU projects
  • Prevention and investigation of economic crime
  • Prevention of workplace crime

By choosing BDO you are guaranteed a partner who cannot only act as a controller, but who can also make a positive contribution to the management and control of your enterprise. Our auditors and advisers work to improve the efficiency of your enterprise by building confidence and trust.


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