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BDO Works with the Public Sector

Increased expectations and tighter economic frameworks are putting more pressure on public decision-makers to make the right choices. Such choices relate to political decisions, securing critical societal functions, the establishment of service offerings to users and the development of in-house organisation. Our vision is to provide a secure framework to support the right choices and to motivate changes in the public sector.

BDO is the place where commerce, politics and society meet public administration and service provision. In addition to public sector enterprises, our clients are publicly owned companies, private and non-profit organisations that provide services on behalf of the public sector, and various public-private sector partnerships, e.g. infrastructure projects, business development and major sports events.

Through our extensive involvement and commitment we blend the organisation’s expertise and BDO’s specialised process and technical expertise in different sectors to achieve better management and control on the one hand and organisational and service development on the other. Our services are always underpinned by a thorough analytical approach designed to ensure that we identify the causes of a change requirement.

Our primary objective is to help the public sector to provide more services for the funding it receives, and to deliver fair, efficient, predictable and robust administration. Consequently, BDO aims to challenge established truths and to contribute innovative solutions.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Corporate management
  • Strategy and organisational development
  • Adaptation processes
  • Efficiency and improvements (Lean)
  • Implementation of public procurements
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Audit and internal audit
  • Security and emergency response planning
  • Transaction support
  • Taxes
  • Investigations


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