State Sector

BDO can Assist the State Sector

Government ministries, departments and agencies are experiencing constantly increasing pressure to become even more streamlined and efficient. Enterprises need to be developed and services simplified, and the state’s own use of funding become more efficient.

The focus on efficiency improvements and simplification of public administration is being accompanied by extensive reforms and demanding restructuring measures across major sectors and enterprises such as the police, defence, transport, health, and higher and further education. This is resulting in a need for reviews, analyses and project management.

BDO has extensive experience of the state sector. We are familiar with the scope of public grant and subsidy schemes and always up to date with latest EU and EEA requirements for identifying and preventing illegal state subsidies and cross-subsidisation between public administration and publicly run commercial enterprises.

We also possess specialist expertise in EU-law issues relating to state subsidies, and have assisted government departments, local authorities and the Office of the Attorney General.

We can assist the state sector with:

  • Restructuring, adaptation and development processes
  • Efficiency and continuous improvements (Lean)
  • Target achievement in focus projects
  • Efficient administration of grants
  • Legality reviews of state subsidies
  • Checks on and implementation of public procurements
  • Improving management of government agencies
  • Choice of partnership structures for state activities
  • Internal audits
  • Changes to laws, directives and regulations
  • Prevention and investigation of economic crime
  • Prevention of workplace crime
  • Follow-up of suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • Security and emergency response planning


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