Audit and Assurance

Where you are – with the expertise you require.

BDO is the second largest auditing firm in Norway, with more than 60 offices across the country. Having a local presence while benefitting from our large global network means we know your market and have all the expertise you need to operate efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.

We take the time to understand your business to ensure your needs are met. In addition, we follow up to make sure your business is reporting in accordance with applicable regulations and standards, and that you are prepared for any changes that might come.

We at BDO pride ourselves at being in the forefront digitally. That is why we have developed tools adapted to both the Norwegian and international markets, allowing us to work efficiently and deliver services that make a difference for you as a customer.

With BDO on your team, you can be confident that what you report is reliable.

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Innovation and technology

At BDO, technology is a natural part of the auditing process. This is evident in our use of digital tools, as well as our understanding of technology and utilization of the investments you have made in digital solutions. This combination enables us to deliver efficient and value-creating audits of the highest quality.
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Bente Hodne

Attestations and statements

If you require a statement from an auditor regarding matters other than official financial statements, we offer various types of attestation services. Many choose BDO to obtain an independent confirmation of sustainability reporting or to confirm the quality of systems, processes, and controls. We can also assist with confirmations on projects receiving financial support or capital changes and reorganizations.
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Sustainability and auditing

Legislation related to sustainability reporting is becoming significantly stricter. The implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the spring of 2021 expands the requirement for sustainability reporting for Norwegian and European businesses.
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BDO is an easy-to-reach firm with professionals that have strong and relevant expertise. They deliver high-quality services, and their industry insight and experience in the non-profit sector are of great value to us.

Per Inge Bjerknes

Key Contacts

In BDO, we have over 1,000 auditors in 60 offices in Norway. Feel free to contact one of us!