Customs and Special Duties

Customs and Special Duties

Would you like to improve your flow of goods and review the import duties you pay? We can provide advice on the measures you can employ to achieve duties that are as low as possible, both when importing to Norway and exporting goods abroad.

It is essential to be aware of the relevant free-trade agreements that may enable you to reduce the customs duty you pay, and also the type of bonded warehouse it would be appropriate to use.

Many importers and production companies are liable to pay special duties. These can be complex and therefore represent a great risk when a declaration is not in accordance with the regulations in force. BDO can help by means of quality control of the duties. In doing so, we can assess the possibility of obtaining a reduction or even a complete exemption from a particular duty.

Typical areas in which we can help:

  • Refunds of customs and special duties
  • Registration of activities that incur a special duty liability
  • Apply for legally binding decisions regarding the duty payable for the classification of goods
  • Apply for customs duty credit
  • Providing assistance with tax audits
  • Optimising the flow of goods
  • Explaining the regulations governing the issue of EUR-1/invoice declaration for Norwegian exporters securing a reduction in import duties abroad
  • Registration of exporters for the issue of invoice statements (documentation of origin)
  • AEO-certificates
  • Apply for approval of bonded warehouse – special duty warehouse
  • Quality assure bonded warehouse/special duty account, assist in dealing with   loss/wastage
  • Apply for registration with customs authorities for NOx-liable vessels and quality assure the duty declaration