Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax

Our advisers can assist you with all legal issues arising in relation to value added tax, both in the private and the public sector.

We help our clients in all matters pertaining to VAT compensation pursuant to the compensation act; with VAT refunds for voluntary organisations; and with VAT compensation for the construction of sports facilities.

Through our global network in BDO, we also help our clients with dealing with any taxation issues arising in other countries and we assist foreign enterprises operating in Norway.

Typical assignments carried out by us:

  • General consultancy, tax computation and deduction entitlement
  • Registration in the VAT register
  • Approaches made to the taxation authorities in connection with interpretive statements and binding preliminary statements
  • Compliance appraisal of formal and material VAT procedures
  • Inspection of accounts and other approaches by the VAT authorities
  • Assistance with book-keeping regulations and VAT
  • Applications for the refund of Norwegian VAT to foreign businesses
  • Registration for VAT abroad and applications for the refund of VAT paid abroad
  • VAT representation for foreign businesses
  • VAT compensation pursuant to the compensation act and in connection with the construction of sports facilities
  • VAT refunds for voluntary organisations