How to setup the integration between Xledger and BDO’s data warehouse. You only need to complete these steps once.

In order to create the integration you need to be logged in with either «Domeneadministrator» or «Domeneadministrator med regnskap og lønn».


Go to Administrasjon > Enhet.

Here we find «Org.nr» og «Eier-ID», Eier-ID needs to be sent in after the integration process is complete.

To be able to establish the integration the organization number that appears in Xledger must correspond with the number in Brønnøysundregisteret. In the case that the organization numbers do not correspond, request Xledger to change it.

Grant access

BDO has created an Xledger user for integrations called «BDO audit web service integration»

Give this user access to the entity (or the corporate entity) by going to Administrasjon > Tilgangskontroll > Brukere > Lokale tilganger. 

Click «Opprett Ny Forekomst» and give the user roles «Revisor» and «Web Service».


Grant Web Service access

Give the user access to the required Web Sevice groups by going to Administrasjon > Tilgangskontroll > Web service tilganger 

The user needs the following access groups:


Save «Eier-ID» and your company’s organization number in a document. Attach the file in the window below, type in your e-mail address and click «Send».