Security Testing

Identify your vulnerabilities before they are exploited by others

Identify Vulnerabilities

Did you know that services like web services, e-mail and remote log-in services are subjected to cyber-attacks and data breaches on a daily basis? Using the same tools and methods that today’s cyber criminals use, our ‘ethical hackers’ can simulate cyber-attacks to uncover vulnerabilities in your company.

Through our security tests, your company gets:

  • Detection of technical, human and organizational vulnerabilities
  • Reduced risk of industrial espionage, ID theft, information theft, CEO fraud, ransomware, and other security incidents that can cause significant loss of assets to the company and its employees
  • A better decision-making foundation for cyber risk management
  • Strengthened security awareness among management and employees
  • Knowledge-transfer to IT personnel in regards to detection and handling of targeted cyber attacks

What is security testing?

Security testing consists of a number of effective methods for testing an organization’s resistance against cyber-attacks. Through security testing, we can uncover both technical, organizational and human vulnerabilities that can pose a risk to the company’s reputation as well as financial and operational capability. Moreover, security testing helps strengthen awareness about IT- and information security in the organization. 

After completing a security test, you will receive detailed explanations of the test result, as well as specific recommendations for security measures adapted to the needs and the relevant risk profile of the company.

Test the Security of Your Company’s Technical Systems

  • Vulnerability scanning – find out the extent to which your digital services, computers and networks contain «typical» vulnerabilities that can be exploited from the Internet 
  • Penetration testing – test your company’s resilience against advanced external and internal cyber-attacks. We can simulate attacks both from the outside through the Internet and from inside the company’s local IT systems and networks
  • Web application testing – test the security of specific applications and websites 

Test How Vulnerable You Are To Social Manipulation and Phishing 

We offer a range of security tests that use social manipulation to uncover human vulnerabilities, and thus reduce the likelihood of employees being lured into doing things that may pose a security risk to the company, including:

  • Phishing campaign – increase the ability of employees to identify and handle malicious e-mails through a combination of e-learning modules and fictitious phishing e-mails 
  • Phishing exercise – receive a fictitious phishing e-mail to test how many in your company can be tricked into clicking on malicious links and open attachments 
  • Physical penetration test – test whether unauthorized persons can access your company’s premises and plant software that allows for remote control of endpoints and IT systems 

Get started with improving your IT security – order a preliminary vulnerability scan! 

Security testing is important to detect security gaps and vulnerabilities. But what kind of test is appropriate for your company? 

If you are unsure of which security needs your company has, we recommend starting with a single technical vulnerability scan. After the scan, you will receive a detailed report with findings and specific recommendations that will provide a good basis for any further testing and security measures.