Managed Detection & Response

Protect your assets 24/7

Detect and Respond to Cyber-Attacks Before It Is Too Late

As part of the digitalization of society, we are increasingly exposing our data and IT systems on the Internet. At the same time, modern cyber threats are sophisticated, adaptable and usually difficult to detect in time.

BDO Cybersecurity’s MDR service consists of an operational cyber security team that monitors the IT infrastructure of our customers around the clock, ensuring that any suspicious activity is detected before important assets are compromised or lost.

With our MDR service, your business gets:

  • Continuous identification of unwanted activity in your IT systems 
  • Efficient handling of any attacks and security incidents
  • Increased understanding of the cyber threats facing your company 
  • Access to one of Norway’s leading cybersecurity environments  

24/7 preparedness and incident response   

BDO Cybersecurity’s Security Operations Center (SOC) consists of experienced security analysts, advanced modern technology, and well-developed best-practice routines and instructions. The SOC provides strengthened security through continuous monitoring and analysis of security logs from clients’ networks, endpoints, cloud services and other important IT infrastructure that may be vulnerable to malicious activity.

Based on the suspicious activity we detect and analyze, our clients receive relevant security alerts and recommendations on mitigating measures. Our secure chat service and telephone line provide 24/7 access to the security experts in our SOC, who will be able to assist with incident handling when a cyber-attack occurs. Through this security preparedness capacity, your company will be able to quickly prevent, or significantly reduce, the damage of potential cyber-attacks.  

A security solution tailored to your business

The MDR service will always be tailored and scaled according to our clients’ unique needs, IT infrastructure and risk profile. 

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) has technical solutions for security monitoring, analysis and response in areas such as, but not limited to:

  • Email and Cloud security – Microsoft 365, Azure, and Azure Active Directory 
  • Endpoint security – Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint
  • Network security – Cisco Umbrella Insights and Suricata IDS