Information security courses

Strengthen the security awareness of your employees

Reduce Cyber Risk Through Training and Awareness-Building

With our security courses and awareness campaigns, your company gets: 

  • Reduced risk of getting hit by ransomware, CEO fraud, industrial espionage, ID theft, information theft and other incidents that can inflict losses for the company and the individual employee
  • An overview of the organization’s human vulnerabilities and discrepancies in security routines and procedures
  • Training for employees in secure handling of information assets, as well as in detection and handling of targeted phishing attacks
  • Strengthened security culture throughout the organization 

Why is security awareness so important?

It does not take more than one employee to click on a malicious link in an e-mail for the attacker to gain access to the company’s IT systems and information assets. It is therefore critical that the entire organization is aware of its information assets and is equipped with sufficient tools and know-how to protect these from cyber threats. Courses and campaigns in information security and phishing are cost-effective measures to trigger such awareness.

We Offer the Following Security Courses:

  • Phishing campaign – Combines e-learning modules with fictitious e-mail attacks that increase employees’ ability to identify and handle malicious e-mails. Management receives an overview of managers and employees’ ability to protect themselves and the company’s assets through the results of the fictitious e-mail attacks.
  • E-learning course in information security – Increases managers and employees’ awareness and tests their knowledge of why information security is important. They a are then equipped with tools that will help them use and manage information assets in a secure manner during hectic workdays.

How security conscious are you? 

Are you unsure of how resistant your company is to malicious e-mails, and to what extent you should take awareness-raising measures? 

Start with an exercise consisting of a fictitious e-mail attack! The result of the exercise will give an indication of whether you need to take further action to strengthen security awareness among your managers and employees.