Cyber Risk Management

Manage your cyber risk with help from our security advisors

Cyber Risk Management

With our cyber risk management advisory services, your organization gets: 

  • A clearer picture of the cyber risks facing your organization and specific recommendations on how to reduce these
  • Reports on identified organizational vulnerabilities and discrepancies in security documentation and procedures
  • Continual improvement of Information Security Management System (ISMS), integrated in existing corporate risk management systems
  • Improved ability to identify and handle cyber-attacks and other security incidents
  • A foundation for risk-based decisions and optimized resource allocation

What is cyber risk management? 

Cyber risk management includes all activities of importance for preventive security work. An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a continuous, systematic process that ensures that the company’s assets are satisfactorily protected. 

Reporting on cybersecurity risk provides the management with the necessary understanding and decision-making basis for implementing security measures and allocating resources. For many, cyber risk management is also a prerequisite for compliance.

We believe that cyber risk management should be an integral part of corporate governance in all companies. Our advisors therefore always seek to ensure that work relating to information- and cybersecurity is seen in connection with the company’s other strategic processes, e.g. quality system, risk management system, purchasing system and HSE system.

Our cyber risk management service may include one or more of the following elements: 

  • Guidance on how to implement an ISMS (policy, routines, processes, etc.)
  • Risk assessments in accordance with international standards and best practice
  • Security audits and evaluations
  • Assistance with security requirements for procurements or existing suppliers
  • Advice on cyber insurance solutions