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ESG within Real Estate and Construction

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Real estate and construction companies are beginning to recognise, and act on, the sector's environmental impacts. Companies are accepting the link between property and social infrastructure and learning to build properties that meet the needs of today, without compromising the needs of future generations. Numerous issues need to be addressed by building companies for sustainable property development, including appropriate density limits, community focused designs, environmental protection, and energy efficiency.

For these improvements to happen technology is one part of the equation, however, regulation and modernising physical infrastructures is the immediate priority and greatest challenge companies are currently faced with. BDO in Australia’s National Leader of Real Estate & Construction, Andres Reith, dives into ESG within real estate and construction with BDO’s Innovation and Growth Director, Ashley Bleeker, and Cameron Green to discuss the global green building boom and the regulation, governance and sustainable reporting requirements within the real estate and construction sector.

They will discuss: 

  • Sustainability and ESG reporting requirements
  • Adoption of technology and sustainable practices
  • Financial benefits of sustainable property development

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